Oni Flash 16mm (Includes Paddle Cover) (Preorder)

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The Oni Flash 16mm paddle is the next generation of power from the Vatic Pro lineup.

Featuring our Patent-Pending composite foam core, the Oni series is a total leap forward in terms of both construction quality and performance. Our reinforced core offers an evenly distributed sweet spot and consistent performance over time. The enhanced, durable nature of the foam ensures that the paddle retains its structural integrity even after repeated use. 

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  • Surface - Raw TORAY T700 Carbon Fiber with heat compressed texturing 
  • Patent-Pending composite foam core.
  • Thermoformed edges and a Unibody Construction
  • Average Weight 16mm - 8.0 - 8.2oz
  • Total Length - 16.3 Inches
  • Width - 7.7 Inches
  • Grip Circumference - 4.125 Inches
  • Grip Length SH - 5.3 Inches
  • Grip Length LH - 5.75 Inches
  • Grip has 2 polyurethane inserts to reduce shock and help with tennis elbow
  • Core Thickness - 16mm
  • Edge Guard: Anti-Abrasion TPU

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Michael Pangelinan
just delisted

Vatic is doing the right thing by cancelling pre-orders & giving refunds.

Feel bad for them as it wasn’t their fault that the Oni was initially approved.

They’ll hit it out of the park again with their future paddles.

My Prism Flash was my first pickleball paddle and is still one of my favorites (have the 6.0 DBD, Gearbox Pro Power elongated/probably soon to be delisted, 11Six24 Hurache Control X+, Selkirk Luxx, & OM Aero1.)

Like it!

The Oni V7 has become my go to paddle and was sorry to hear it now de-listed by USAP so I’m sending it back.

Next level

I have improved all aspects of my game and feel the ONI is a big reason for getting me to the next level. I am proud to say I am now at level 4 and those I play with would agree. The Oni gives me the soft game and power to now compete at any level. I more confidence than ever. One my first tournament this weekend with the Oni and will continue to recommend this paddle to anyone I play with.

After 10 + hours of honest 3.5 play

I will start by stating this paddle is a bullet! I barely hit the ball and it flies. Hence, the learning curve, for me, has been interesting.; dinks, third shots, and mid-court "shoe shines" have me reflecting on my play. My major concern is the noted issues of potential paddle delamination and or being a gen3 paddle it will be d-listed. Otherwise, to date, really like the paddle!!!

Power & Consistency

When I pre-ordered this paddle, I was excited for a paddle unlike any others I had, and I got more than I expected in the best way possible. This paddle provides a wonderful added pace that compliments the control of other paddles from Vatic Pro's lineup and I find myself using it when I want to play a different style or want to train on specific skills.