Spencer Smith

Spencer joined Vatic Pro in December 2022, and has been instrumental in helping the company design and create some of the market's leading paddles.

Spencer is from Lehi, Utah, and a veteran on the PPA tour. He has a doubles DUPR rating of 6.45 and is widely considered a top player, ranking in the top 25 worldwide. He is currently a PPA Tour Gold Card holder and competing in Major League Pickleball on the Utah Black Diamonds. Formerly, he was a tennis standout at BYU.

You can find Spencer using his signature Alchemy paddle and playing on center-stage at PPA tournaments across the United States against the likes of Ben Johns, Tyson McGuffin, and Anna-Leigh Waters.

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Augie Ge joined Vatic Pro in January 2024 and is quickly becoming one of the top talents in pickleball.

From Arizona, Augie has excelled in various racquet sports. He played collegiate tennis at the University of New Mexico and the University of Arizona while graduating with a degree in mathematics. Subsequently, he competed in Ping Pong while completing his master's at Brown, where he finished his master's in biostatistics. In 2022, he quickly fell in love with pickleball before transitioning to a full-time professional this year. He has a doubles dupr of 6.40 and you can find him competing this year on all the pro tours.

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Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane, aka B-Lane, is from Melbourne Beach, FL. He grew up in Florida and played college tennis at Mississippi Gulf Coast before transferring to Reinhardt University. He graduated in Sports Management and a minor in Business administration.

In his free time, he teaches surfing, tennis, and pickleball. Brandon is passionate about being in the water surfing or on a court playing pickleball. After playing pickleball for the first time about a year ago, he can’t put a paddle down as his competitive drive keeps him motivated.

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Glauka carvajal lane

Glauka is from Castellon, Spain, and currently lives in Melbourne Beach, FL. She moved to the USA 6 years ago to play college tennis. She played 1 year at D1 Stony Brook University before transferring to Reinhardt University, where she graduated with a double major in Sports Management and Business Administration.

She is passionate about health and fitness and loves to stay active and help others do the same. She started playing pickleball about one year ago just for fun and is now completely addicted. She enjoys competing at the highest level and challenging herself against the world’s best on the APP and PPA tours.

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